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How To Let the Baby Fall In Love With Bathing?

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After becoming parents, we will find that bathing children is a headache. The baby is in amniotic fluid before birth, how to meet water conflict? Here are some of the successful parents summed up some of the experience about choosing the right bath toys for toddlers, to share with you.

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Why babies don't like bathing?


1. The temperature of bath water is too low or too high

The best bath temperature for babies is about 37 ℃ - 40 ℃. Because the baby's skin is delicate, it is very sensitive to water temperature. If not regulated to the right temperature, the baby will cry and struggle to protest. When testing the water temperature, it is suggested that mothers can test the water temperature with your backs or wrists, as long as you feel warm and not hot. However, it is recommended to buy a professional thermometer. The water temperature in summer should be 37 ℃ - 38 ℃, and that in winter should be 39 ℃ - 40 ℃.


2. Too tired to play

For adults, usually play too tired, so we go home do not want to get up to take a bath. What's more, children? When they play with funny wooden toys all day, they will also resist bathing.


3. There is a psychological shadow about bathing

If the baby has any unpleasant experience in the previous bath experience, such as accidentally rubbing into the eyes after using irritant lotion, and the ear is accidentally flooded with water, these experiences will make the baby resist bathing. Therefore, it is recommended to use mild and non irritating cleansers when taking a bath for your baby.


4. Improper way for bathing

It is suggested that mothers should try your best to moderate the strength when bathing your babies, and gently massage and wash them. Then rinse with water and dry gently with a soft towel.


5. Bath toys are not fun enough!

Having bath toys that can attract the baby's attention while taking a bath will help parents the most.



Some well-chosen bath toys are recommended


1. Hape Teddy and Duck Bath Mitt Set

Parents can gently engage with your little ones as they simultaneously play with and clean their child with this friendly teddy bath mitt.


2. Hape Swimmer Teddy Wind-Up Toy

This toddler toy is secured with a bright blue swim ring, just wind up the toy during bath time or pool time and watch your toddler be entertained as it goes around and around in the bathtub or pool.

Hape Swimmer Teddy Wind-Up Toy


3. Hape Feed-Me Bath Frog

This Hape bath floating toy helps your children learn about shapes, colors as well as basic knowledge about frogs and their eating habits. The frog bath toy set is recommended for toddlers, age 12 months and older.

Hape Feed-Me Bath Frog



There are a lot of bath toys for children in our company. It can be used not only for bathing children, but also the toy playing in the swimming pool. Go to our website and explore more interesting baby toys.

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