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How To Deal With Too Many Toys?

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With the rise of the current economic level, children's toys are much more than those in the past. Now there are many kinds of toys, such as wooden toys, plastic toys and plush toys, and etc. Toys can not only bring joy to children's childhood, but also develop children's intelligence and imagination, so children's growth cannot be separated from toys. But the more toys you buy, if you don't store them well, your home will be a large garbage dump.


Storing toys has become a compulsory course for every parent. Next, let's show you some tips for storing toys easily, so that children can have a free and clean childhood.



1. The Park for Toy Cars

Almost every little boy's childhood has little resistance to cars, whether they're wooden toy cars or plastic toy cars. When the cars are taken home one by one, the storage problem of these little monsters becomes a big problem. It's very convenient to get a special storage cabinet for these cars at this time. Even a car wall can be made, which is not only practical but also beautiful.

wooden toy cars or plastic toy cars


2. The Zoo for Small Animals

Both boys and girls like toys in the shape of small animals, such as wood animal toys and plush animal toys. For that kind of big and small plush toys, you will find that the whole home is almost occupied. You can find or make a few wooden cages, put these small animals in cages, or make a few swings, put toys on the swings, which is artistic and easy to take. Or to find an idle box, will be abandoned roll paper tube paste inside, one by one placed small animal toys. Or buy a multi-layer basket, which can not only put toys in it, but also put some other small things.



3. Make Full Use of Space

In the final analysis, all the storage problems are the problem of insufficient use of space. As the saying goes, space is like water in a sponge. As long as you squeeze it hard enough, there will always be! Installing an upper and lower bunk in the children's room is a good way to increase storage space. With this way, greatly increased the room can be used to store space, whether it is stairs, or bedsides. In addition, the locker on the balcony is also a good place to store toys, especially the bottom floor. In these places, not only can be used to store the above toys, but also can be used to store some large toys, such as wooden train sets, wooden kitchen sets and so on.

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Here are some tips for toy storage. Of course, parents may have a better way. At this time, some people may ask how to store wooden building blocks, kids plastic balls or wooden puzzles? In fact, no matter what the toy is, just give the child a place that doesn't need a lot of storage space.


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