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How To Cultivate Children's Imagination And Creativity?

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Although children are born with certain imagination and creativity, if parents do not pay enough attention to it, the development of children's imagination and creativity will be limited. So how to cultivate children's imagination and creativity? Children's imagination and creativity are developed on the basis of the original. At this time, they need the company and guidance of parents who take their children to understand new things.



1. Encourage Children To Make Up Stories

If your child likes to tell stories to other children, or sometimes speaks in a low voice alone, you must encourage your child to continue. This is a good way to cultivate imagination and creativity. Or after you tell your baby a story, guide your child to continue to make up the story. Remember to encourage your child actively, not to stop or laugh at him or her.



2. Allow Your Child To Think

Because children don't have the social rules, their imagination is very

abundant. The development of imagination needs a free, relaxed and diverse environment. Because of that, if your children are always thinking about something you don't think is so important, let them explore and think.



3. Expand Children's Knowledge And Experience


If you want to expand children's imagination and creativity, you should give them something broader. Take them to see things they haven't heard or seen before. On this basis, your child will have a broader imagination. Otherwise, it's like a frog at the bottom of a well. No matter how you think about it, you can only think of what you can see in the well.

Take children to contact with nature more, contact with some things related to the future, so that they have a certain understanding of these things. Play some wooden educational toys with your children, such as wooden play blocks, wooden shape puzzles and so on. Maybe, in children's eyes, toys are ordinary toys, but parents can teach their children some simple principles and some knowledge they have never been exposed to. In this way, children's imagination and creativity will be richer and richer.



4. Pay Attention To Children’s Games

Children's favorite game is probably "play house", because they always like to imitate adults. Dolls, wooden toy cars and large wooden dolls houses, even chairs and benches at home have become important tools for playing games. The more happy they play, the more they immerse themselves in the game, and the more colorful their imaginative pictures are. This is very helpful to the cultivation of children's imagination and creativity. It's necessary to prepare game sets like wood kitchen sets, wood cash registers and wood doctors sets. At this time, parents can even participate in role play with their children to let them know that their parents encourage them to play games.

wood playsets


In the process of children's growth, parents play a very important role. The development of children's creativity and imagination can not be separated from parents.


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