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How Many Toys Do Children Need to Have?

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Toys are objects that accompany children's growth. They can not only bring fun to children, but also help them grow. Although toys are good for children's growth, it is not the more toys, the better. Too many toys can distract children's attention, so that their happiness is reduced. If children don't have so many toys to choose from, for example, they can only play with wooden blocks for kids or wooden puzzles for babies, they can enjoy the joy of whatever they play.

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The Disadvantages of Too Many Toys

Too many toys can lead to a decrease in children's concentration. Psychologists have done an experiment. In the experiment, they randomly divided the children into two groups and asked them to draw. The first group of children can choose one from three brushes, and the second group can choose one from 24 brushes. As a result, the children in the second group painted much worse than the first group. The researchers then asked the children to choose their favorite pen and tried to persuade them to give up the pen and choose another gift. As a result, the children in the second group were more likely to give up their choice of pen. 


Parents often think that the more substance they provide their children, the happier they will be. In fact, the opposite is often true. Too many choices, on the contrary, will reduce the children's concentration, do not know what they like best, and will not know how to cherish after getting it.



How Should Parents Choose Toys?

Too many toys, not only easy to distract children, but also bad for children's intellectual development. So, how many wooden toy boxes should be provided to children? Scholars at the University of Virginia think there should be five. The reason is that when the number of wooden kitchen toys is less than five, children may have low self-esteem; but if the number is more than five, children's concentration will be reduced, and their creativity will be limited. The number of wooden baby toys in the appropriate range, so that children can focus on their favorite hape wooden toys, repeatedly study, ponder, think, create a variety of new ways to play, then the value of toys can be maximized. 



Which Toys Are Suitable for Children?

In the process of children's growth, the following wooden animal toys are the most classic, which can help children develop different abilities. 


Assembled Toys

Assembled toys mainly include natural wooden blocks and wooden number puzzles. These toys are not only simple and changeable, but also can develop children's intelligence and practical ability. At the same time, these toys are suitable for children of all ages.  

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Sports Toys

This kind of wooden sport toy mainly includes the small ball and cart, which can promote children's love of sports and help them exercise. 


Graffiti Toys

This kind of toy mainly includes a paintbrush, which can let children play their imagination to draw beautiful pictures. This kind of toys can cultivate children's artistic creativity and imagination. 


Musical Toys

This kind of toys, including toy drums and toy pianos, can help children's listening growth and cultivate their interest in music.

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