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How Important Is It To Choose Good Toys for Children?

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When children are very young, they need not only the company of their parents, but also toys to increase the fun of life. Toys play a very important role in children's growth. Toys, such as children wooden puzzles and kids wooden climbing frames, can arouse children's enthusiasm for activities, enhance perceptual knowledge, arouse association activities, and actively carry out thinking and imagination activities. Children in the process of playing with toys, hand and brain work together, and physical training and brain thinking exercise at the same time. Therefore, toys play a great role in children's growth and development. For the growth of children, the choice and consideration of toys is very important, because the quality and safety of toys are directly related to the safety and health of children. A good toy can help children develop their intelligence, stimulate their imagination and arouse their curiosity. As parents, how should we choose a suitable toy for our children?

children wooden puzzles



Choose toys according to different needs

In terms of efficacy, children's toys are divided into music production toys, labor activities toys, image toys, technical toys, sports toys, assembly and assembly toys, architectural and structural toys, decorative toys and homemade toys. Generally, as long as it is a toy, it can basically meet the needs of promoting children's physical, moral, intellectual, and aesthetic development, as well as their curiosity, activity and exploration. In addition, the structure of the toy should be able to move in a variety of ways to encourage learning. The most important thing is that toys must meet hygiene requirements - non- toxic, easy to clean, disinfect, safe, etc. Therefore, whether it is an indoor wooden playhouse or wooden dinosaur toys, their materials are very suitable for children to play safely.


If you want your child to have a good body and train the body, you can choose labor activities and sports activities, such as wooden scooters and wooden outdoor toys. If the first goal is to train children's thinking ability, you can choose image toys, assembling and assembling toys. If you want to cultivate children's art perception, music sound toys, decorative toys, homemade toys are the perfect choice.


Because children are in an unstable period of growing up, they have different hobbies in different age stages, and generally have the psychology of liking the new and hating the old. Therefore, toys should also be subdivided according to children's age. Generally, when buying toys, the toy box will have a logo on it, which is suitable for children of several years old to play with. You can choose a wooden fire engine for boys or a wooden princess castle for girls.



Refuse three noes products and choose toys from regular channels

Parents should pay attention to checking the toy logo and safety warning signs when buying toys. We should try our best to choose toys produced by regular manufacturers and refuse to buy "three noes" products. First of all, we need to check the "3C" logo of the product. Secondly, we should pay attention to warning information or other safety information. Finally, we should check the instructions for the use of toys.



Choose toys suitable for children's age

For children under 3 years old, we should not buy toys with small parts that may be swallowed or inhaled, including small spheres and uninflated balloons, so as to avoid choking the children's throat after ingestion. For children under 8 years old, try not to let them play with uninflated or ruptured balloons as much as possible, which may cause asphyxia to children and should be used under the supervision of adults. As for children over 8 years old, they can play with electric toys with heating elements, but we should pay attention to safety. We can choose to buy wooden toy train tracks and wooden ice cream toys for fun and safety.



Check the quality of toys

Hard toys should be checked for sharp points and edges that can stab and scratch children's skin. For filler toys, we need to pay attention to whether the handle is soft, whether there are foreign objects and hard objects, and whether the moving parts of toys can hurt children's fingers.



Avoid choosing toys with sharp objects

Children's toys should not choose toys with sharp metal and glass edges and arrows. The tips must have a thick soft rubber, and should be firm and not easy to fall off. Children's control power is relatively weak, so toys with ejection and sharp intensity such as darts, catapults, simulation pistols, and laser guns are not suitable for children to play


wooden toy train tracks



Identify toys containing harmful substances

Parents should be careful to buy color toys that may contain harmful chemicals (benzene, lead, cadmium) or heavy metals. Do not buy toys with a strong smell or smell. After children play with toys or before eating, we must ask them to wash their hands clean.



In short, do not buy toys with poor quality and high safety risks. For the sake of children's health, parents should choose toys carefully.

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