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How Does Toxic Substances in Toys Cause Children's Health Problems?

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Many toys contain compounds that are harmful to children's health. For example, softeners applied in plastic toys can damage the hormonal system. However, independent tests have confirmed that almost all of these hazardous chemicals can be replaced by safer alternatives, such as wooden toys for kids, including wooden toy car, wooden baby activity gym, wooden fruit toys, etc.



1. Why Are Children Particularly Vulnerable?

Children are much more sensitive to exposure to toxic chemicals than adults. Because relative to their body weight, children have larger skin surfaces, greater breathing capacity and faster metabolism than their weight. They absorb more toxic substances than adults. Their immune and nervous systems are still developing, and their detoxification systems are not yet fully functional. In addition, the skin of infants is much thinner than that of adults, and the skin has not yet developed enough to act as a barrier.


Children often have intimate contact with toys, such as putting the wooden top toy or wooden learning toys in their mouths. Therefore, the harmful chemicals in toys are very likely to enter children's bodies. As time goes by, the accumulation of toxic substances in children’s bodies can lead to serious health problems, such as cancer or reproductive disorders.



2. Dangerous Elements in Toys

Dangerous elements in toys include various kinds of carcinogenic dyes, azo dyes, pigments, brominated flame retardants, adhesives formaldehyde and formaldehyde releasing agents in wooden pull toys (such as benzyl semi formaldehyde, diazoalkylurea, imidazolidinylurea, etc., which can stimulate mucous membrane and skin, and cause allergy and cancer), polycarbonate plastics, epoxy resin and epoxy bisphenol A (BPA), (ethoxylates) endocrine disruptors, plastic stabilizers, etc.


Old plastic toys may contain high concentrations of chemicals according to a new British study. Long term exposure to these chemicals can cause harm to children's health. Researchers at the University of Plymouth, UK, analyze 200 plastic toys, including cars, trains, blocks and jigsaw puzzles, collected from homes, nurseries and second-hand shops in southwest England with fluorescence spectroscopy. The results show that the toys contain heavy metals such as antimony, barium, bromine, cadmium, chromium, lead and selenium, etc.



3. Some Typical Toxic Toys

(1) Crystal Mud

When children play with crystal mud containing borax, borax will be absorbed by the human body if the skin is damaged or the mouth is touched by the hands that have touched the product. Borax is highly toxic, and it is forbidden to be used as food additive in many countries. If the human body ingests too much boron, it will cause the accumulation poisoning of multiple organs. Borax poisoning can cause death in severe cases.


(2) Artificial Snow

The real high-purity sodium polyacrylate is non-toxic and harmless, but for the‘artificial snow’powder on the Internet, it is likely to be industrial-grade sodium polyacrylate with low purity. It will also remain some acidic or alkaline substances, with a certain degree of corrosivity.


(3) Expansion Ball

Expansion balls, also known as water elves and sea babies, can be applied to plant flowers, decorate and make bullets for toy guns. It is very cheap. Mistaken ingestion of this expansion ball will cause intestinal obstruction. The baby will gradually have severe abdominal fullness and vomiting. If inhaled into the airway, it may cause asphyxia and death.


(4) Mask Toys

Unqualified mask toys are made of toxic plastic and contain toxic chemicals, which may cause injury if inhaled by children. In addition, some mask toys themselves are airtight, and there is no place for breathing at the mouth and nose. If children wear them for a long time, they will cause brain hypoxia, dizziness and even suffocation.


For parents, the most important thing is to be aware of the potential risks behind toys, so as to prevent their children from contacting dangerous chemicals and endangering their physical and mental health. Wooden toys suitable for children include wooden kids tool bench, wooden doctors set, wooden dinosaur puzzle, etc.


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