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How Do Parents Select Toys for Their Children?

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Although the colorful shells of toys are good-looking, there may be great harm. For example, lead poisoning can bring great harm to the health of children. So how should parents select toys for their children? Here are some toys that should be avoided and worth buying.



1.  Toys Avoid to Be Bought

(1) Unsafe Toys

Unsafe toys include poor quality, non environmental protection toys, ejection toys, poor quality voice toys, hydrogen balloons, etc.


(2) High Imitation Toys, Lack of Characteristics

Some parents will be greedy for cheap to purchase some poor quality high imitation toys for their children. Although these fake toys initially look similar to authentic toys, they are far less than genuine toys in terms of workmanship and material selection, and some even have serious safety risks.


(3) Shiny and Low Taste

A variety of luminescent toys not only have low taste, but also have potential safety hazards. The fluorescent powder inside toys also contains a variety of chemical substances, such as esters, which have certain toxicity. If children are exposed to it for a long time, it will cause damage to their body. If children look at flash toys directly for a long time in the dark environment, it will be easy to cause children's visual fatigue. It even will lead to irreversible impact in some serious cases.


(4) High-price Popular Cartoon Toys

Many businesses will sell some so-called popular toys according to some of the current children's favorite toys, but these toys are only for the purpose of making money, never considering whether the cultivation of values and moral concepts brought by these toys to children is valuable.


(5) Cool Appearance and Single Play Methods

Some toys look cool in appearance and complex in structure. At first glance, they are very high-end, sophisticated and expensive. However, children may be obsessed at the beginning, but they are tired of it in a few days. This kind of toys only have monotonous play methods, lack of space for children to explore, so it is easy to be bored with them.



2. How Do Parents Select Safe and Educational Toys for Their Children

(1) Toys for the Development of Audio Visual Feeling (0-9 months)

For infants from birth to nine months old, it is recommended to select vocal, wool, cloth toy products, such as musical toys and singing and speaking fluffy animal cartoons, and also train children's hearing, touch, perception of the outside world, color recognition ability, etc. The toys should not be too small to prevent children from swallowing. It should be strong, no metal small parts, not easy to break, not easy to shed hair and not easy to lose color.


(2) Walking-exercise Toys (10-12 Months)

At this stage, most babies have been able to crawl skillfully. Some can still stand or start to learn to walk. At this time some mobile toys and toys with noise should be chosen in order to improve the baby's interest in walking and walking-exercise ability, for example, wooden shopping trolley, drag toys, balls, etc. In addition, toys that can train baby's finger movement and promote the development of flexibility and hand-eye coordination ability can be selected during this period, such as wooden building blocks toys, small ferrule, etc.


(3) Activity Enhancing Toys (1-2 Years Old)

After 1 year old, the physical strength and intelligence of babies further develop and they especially like to imitate adult's life and action. After learning to walk, they have a wider range of activities, stronger imitation ability and more toys to choose, such as mini furniture, a complete set of house toys, wooden toy farm, kids wooden toy kitchen, and game house. There are also toys for the baby to carry out outdoor activities, such as  shovels, buckets and other beach toys, wood ride on toy, wooden toy tractor, big ball, etc.



(4) Toys for the Development of Children's Sensory Perception (3-4 Years Old)

At this stage, children's understanding of things still relies on direct perception. They know things by means of specific images and surface features such as color, shape and sound. Therefore, parents can select some toys that focus on the development of children's sensory perception, for example, color circle, wooden people toys, wood snake toy, animal toys and electric toys that can make all kinds of sounds for children to listen.


(5) Hi-tech Intelligent Toys (5-6 Years Old)

Almost all educational toys are suitable for children of five or six years old, especially those with high-tech intelligence, high simulation, complex, novel toys with various materials, such as personalized wooden train, wooden plane toy, aircraft carrier, racing car, ancient architecture and other vivid toys. They should be allowed to contact their favorite toys as much as possible at this period, but the safety of toys is still the key that parents should focus.


Children of different ages have different mental development levels. When choosing toys for the children, parents should first consider whether the toys meet the children's age and focus on whether the toys have potential safety hazards

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