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Have You Given the Six "Worlds" of the Child?

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Many young parents nowadays attach great importance to letting their children develop a "global" vision from an early age. This is because with the increasingly close international exchanges, more and more parents are aware that children who grow up in the new century will face increasingly fierce international competition, and they must be invincible. It is necessary to have a comprehensive, in-depth and accurate understanding of foreign culture and history. Do you know how to cultivate children's global vision in life?

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1. Hang a world map at home

This method does not seem to be commensurate with young children, but it is a good way to keep children informed about countries in the world. When eating Japanese sushi for your child, guide him to find Japan on the map; when eating paella, you can tell your child an interesting fact about the Spanish Bullfighter, and if possible, listen to the active dance music of Spanish Bullfighter; You can also choose wooden map puzzles or wooden activity cube to guide children to complete the entire puzzle, which is more conducive for children to familiarize themselves with all sections of the world.


2. Encourage babies to learn to sing nursery rhymes from various countries

When learning to sing the Russian nursery rhyme "Red Berry", I pointed out to the children that Russia is the largest country in the world; Russia was the first country to let a manned rocket fly into space; when learning to sing the Philippines nursery rhyme "Ship "Song", introduce to the children why the Philippines is called "the country of a thousand islands". Learning penetrates every bit of life.


3. Learning a foreign language is naturally a way to become familiar with the world

When learning foreign languages, don’t just let your children learn foreign languages. For example, let them learn Japanese dances, musical instruments, and folklore at the same time. When he was learning English, he could observe certain differences in the way of life between Americans and British people by reading books or watching videos. When learning in the first stage, you can use the alphabet wooden blocks or wooden letter blocks to arrange the words with the children, which can deepen the impression.


4. Take your baby overseas for sightseeing

Although the child does not yet know how to write a diary, he can take pictures with a point and shoot camera. After returning from a family trip with children, a small family exhibition centered on the photos taken by the children and collected souvenirs can be held, and friends from the neighbors and their parents are invited to visit and let the children feel the sharing happiness.


5. Read children's books from different countries

Place the world knowledge books on the baby’s bedside. In addition to placing fairy tale books from different countries on the baby’s bedside, Mom and Dad should also place some exquisite books that can intuitively understand the world, such as "National Flags" and "National Geographic" with pictures and texts. The excellent comics, cartoon magazines and other reading materials that children absorb elementary world knowledge are particularly important for the enlightenment of children's world outlook.

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6. Collect items from different countries

Mom and Dad consciously cultivate their children's interest in other countries in their daily lives, and collect stamps, postcards, stickers and other small things that interest him with their children. Or show toys that do not have national characteristics, such as wooden thomas train set, plastic toy soldiers, disney bath toys, etc.



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