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From Children's Favorite Toys to See Children's Personality Characteristics

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Now there are more and more kinds of toys on the market. Each child's favorite toys may be different, so modern toys can set off children's personality characteristics. Let's talk about how to analyze the baby's character from the toy, if understand the baby from the details of the toy, you can better educate the baby.



1. Plush Toys

Children who like plush toys and cloth toys generally feel more delicate, which is why more girls like dolls. When it comes to toys like this, we will come up with all kinds of cute cartoon characters and animals, which will make us feel like we want to care for them. Emotional rich and delicate children tend to have strong emotional needs, so this kind of toys can meet and comfort children to a certain extent. In addition, for children who are more dependent on parents, you can try to choose this kind of toys to transfer some children’s over dependence on their parents.



2. Ball and Car Toys

Whether it's a plastic toy car, a plastic toy ball, or a wooden toy car, they are toys that energetic children always like. This kind of toys is very suitable for children to move and radiate the energy in their bodies. At the same time, it can also exercise the flexibility, coordination and balance ability of children.

Car Toys



3. Building Blocks and Assembled Toys

Children who like this kind of toys are usually curious and full of doubts about external things. Whether it's wooden building blocks, wooden puzzles, or plastic building blocks, it's easy to attract these children who are good at thinking and observing, and always are patient with something they are interested in. We can often see this kind of children in the playground like to play in the block area, willing to repeatedly build and split those wooden or plastic toys. This is a good opportunity to exercise children's imagination and creativity, so providing them with a set of safe and interesting building blocks and assembled toys is the best choice. I would like to recommend the Hape wooden blocks for you.

4. Educational Toys

Children who like educational toys, such as wooden maze toys, chess, etc., are usually more logical. If you find that your child has a strong logic and likes sorting, it's better to buy some wooden bead toys, wooden sorting toys for your child. When they are older, mazes and chess toys are also good choices.

wooden building blocks



5. Storybooks and Picture Books

Children who love story toys and picture books may have a higher language talent. Some children love to listen to stories and like to pester adults to tell them stories. After the children can speak fluently, they will tell their own stories. This kind of children like to talk and read. It is very helpful to cultivate their language talent, imagination and communication ability.



Although children with different personalities may like different types of toys, this does not mean that they just need to choose the toys they are interested in. Let children experience more types of toys and playing methods, can exercise their all-round development, and make their childhood colorful.

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