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Four Simple And Practical Small Toys to Exercise Children's Visual Attention

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Why Is The Child's Attention Widely Concerned?


Now more and more parents are beginning to pay attention to the problem of children's attention, especially parents who have just started elementary school, paying particular attention to the problem of children's attention.

Because, when children used to go to kindergarten, most of their time was playing, and they didn't have high requirements for learning. They haven't found any attention problems in their children. However, when the children go to elementary school, the teacher often asks them to report that the children cannot sit still in class and are unable to concentrate. Only then do they begin to realize that their children have inattention problems, so they start eagerly trying to train their children's attention.


It can be said that attention is basically equal to learning ability. Children with inattention will definitely not learn well. Therefore, if parents want to improve their children's academic performance, they must improve their children's attention levels.

toy building blocks wooden for the baby


Visual Attention


Attention usually refers to selective attention, that is, attention is the tendency to selectively process certain stimuli and ignore other stimuli. It is the direction and concentration of human perception (vision, hearing, taste, etc.) and perception (consciousness, thinking, etc.) to a certain object at the same time.


It can be seen that attention mainly depends on the perceptual abilities of the channels, such as audiovisual, smell, taste and skin. Among all perceptual abilities, vision is the most important, and 80% of the information our brain obtains comes from vision. To put it bluntly, without visual focus, our attention level will be greatly reduced.


Small Toys to Exercise Children's Visual Attention


There are many ways to improve children's visual attention, such as walking mazes, connecting dots, canceling graphics, etc. There are also wooden bead maze toys, wooden number puzzles, thomas the train plastic track sets and so on.


The 88 track is a classic sensory training tool. It catches the ball by moving the track, keeps the ball rolling on the track, and prevents the ball from landing, which can exercise children's hand-eye coordination and visual tracking capabilities. The gameplay is simple, easy to learn, and you can train at home, especially for children aged 4-10.


In addition, there are similar toys such as the upper and lower turntable, the hexagonal reaction ball, and the car through the barriers.


Generally speaking, 9-12 months old baby can accurately judge the distance, throw things, observe and pinch small objects. The toys they can use include card books, childrens plastic rings, Jenga cups, square wooden blocks, building block boxes, and study tables.


Toys after 1 year old include plastic balls for babies, building blocks, wooden stakes and hammer toys, and toy carts. Play with colorful plastic balls and toy building blocks plastic for the baby to promote the development of the motor system and the coordination between small muscle groups.

wooden toy train tracks


Today, Hape has become one of the world's largest wooden and bamboo toy brands, which suitable for children under 6 years of age, and each Hape toy is made of sustainable materials. For example, the wooden pirate ship toy and wooden toy train tracks that children like are available here. Wooden toys are safe and assured here. It is very useful for children to improve their concentration on various toys.

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