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Five Functions of the Playdough

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With the development of economy, there are more and more toys for children, including wood toys for kids, wood toy houses, playdough, miniature baby dolls for baby, etc. Today, let’s talk about the playdough. Some parents are worried that the baby is less than two years old, can we rest assured that the baby plays with playdough? As long as the safety measures are adequate, 2-year-old baby playing with playdough is not harmful.



1. It Has Strong Plasticity and Reducibility

Other toys, especially high-grade toys, may be taken apart by the baby in a short time, which will make parents complain and heartache. On the contrary, the playdough allows the baby to toss and turn at will, but in the end, it is still playdough.

high-grade toys



2. Can Open the Door of the Baby's Imagination

When they first came into contact with the playdough, babies often simply knead a circle, a piece or a long strip with different thickness. Although these shapes are very common, they have a special flavor in their eyes.


The imagination of 2-year-old babies is very rich, so they tend to add their own imagination to any things. They like playing playdough with their hands while giving play to their imagination, and sometimes use molds to play with putty, which is more fun. Of course, because the baby's attention is limited so that they can't persist for a long time, parents should let the baby have a proper rest and guidance.


Playing with playdough not only makes the baby's hands get exercise, but also extends the baby's imagination, improves his self-confidence and enjoys the happiness of success. If the baby's small hands become more flexible and more sensitive to touch, the baby will certainly be smarter, more creative, as well as more open-minded.



3. Promote Baby's Cognitive Ability of Color

The rich color of playdough is one of the main reasons for being loved by babies. Color itself can delight people's mood, at the same time, if the parents let the baby point out the color inside, it can teach the baby to recognize the color.


In addition to playdough, colored wood blocks, colored plastic balls and other similar toys are also helpful to children's color cognition. Understanding color and matching color in play is to teach the baby the pursuit of high quality life.



4. Act as A Mathematical Tool to Cultivate Interest in Mathematics

Don't think that only wood number puzzles, wood number blocks and other wooden educational toys can cultivate children's interest in mathematics, but in fact, it can be done with playdough. There are more than a dozen different colors of plasticine in the box, so it is not only colorful but also quantitative, which is the best mathematical toy.

colored plastic balls



5. Cultivate Divergent Thinking of Babies

Because of the reducibility of playdough, we can let the baby play freely and create boldly. The baby in the success at the same time, will be more active to create, so as to cultivate their divergent thinking. It's actually about as good as wooden building blocks.

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