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Creative Ways to Deal With Old Toys

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As we all know, children cannot do without the company of toys when they grow up. Children like toys, and parents are willing to buy them toys. There will be all kinds of toys at home for a long time. Once you have plans to change your place of residence, sorting out these messy toys can be a big hassle. Generally speaking, common toys include three categories: wooden toys for toddlers, plastic outdoor toys and baby bath toys.

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Several ways to creatively deal with old toys


1. Select and keep certain toys. When parents are organizing their children’s toys, do not exchange or donate them all on impulse. They should keep some childhood memories for their children. It is best to use a delicate bag or storage box to seal up the toys of special significance that the child received on the commemorative day, and stick a small note on the outer packaging. As far as I am concerned, compared to plastic toys, classic world wooden toys are more valuable for preservation.


2. Exchange of idle items. Nowadays, the development of the Internet has brought great convenience to our lives. We only need to sterilize and classify idle items with high temperature, and take a few beautiful photos, and then upload them to the idle item exchange network. Next, you can wait for the buyer to leave a message to discuss exchange matters. It is a very cost-effective thing to exchange children's idle toys for some necessities of life and let the idle toys continue to play their value. Maybe we can make new friends through bartering. You can also choose to go to the physical idle item exchange center, or participate in idle item exchange activities organized by the community or team. Personalized wooden puzzles for toddlers, plastic barbie dolls and small plastic disney figures can all be exchanged.


3. Donate toys. When many children in the city are having too many toys for themselves and do not know how to deal with them, some children in poor mountainous areas may not even have a decent toy. Why don’t the children in the mountains yearn to have toys like wood building kits for kids, wooden rubik's cube puzzle and plastic dolls for crafts? In order to let the children in the mountainous area have a happy childhood, we might as well donate the idle toys at home to charity.


4. Recycle the materials. Toys made of wood, bamboo or other natural materials are usually easy to recycle. In addition, toys made of plastic can still be recycled.


5. If you are ingenious enough, you can try to transform old things. Add a little creativity to toys that have been partially worn or faded to make the old things look new. Replace the old with the new. Or, you can increase the practicality of toys through your own rich imagination. For example, you can transform small animal toys into pen holders, flat toys into cushions, and old toys into flower pots.

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