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When Peter was 4 years old, he built a sand castle in his backyard. But after dinner,
Peter found his castle destroyed by someone. He felt angry and lost.
Let it go! Let's build another one, the next one will be better
At that time, Aunt Maria comforted: "Let it go! Let's build another one, the next one will be better" Since then, Peter has learned to build better castles. A simple saying changed Peter's life. Sandcastles are easily destroyed, but the will to rebuild will never be destroyed.
More than 20 years later, this little boy became one of the most enthusiastic participants in the global toy industry. Peter Handstein established his own toy empire-Hape Holding AG- in Germany in 1986.

Peter often says that. the reason I love toys is not the attraction of toys, but the miracle of playing with them!if it were not for aunt Maria guidance and enlightenment, maybe Peter Jr. had lost these creativity.
Hape was founded to help every parent learn to communicate with their children. To help more children retain talent and lead a healthy life.

Over the past 30 years, Hape's outstanding toy creation and family (wisdom play) solutions bring parenting wonder to thousands of families!

When children play, children learn!
We strive to improve outcomes for all children.

——Peter Handstein
 Companionship care is the best thing of love for family
Only in the space with children, the word "family" is meaningful. Time is the only measure of life and the measure of love, so companionship is the best thing of love for family and the best giving for children's growth!
 Discovery ------  Accompany families starting and ending with discovery.
The best education is that parents accompany their children to experience exploration, guide self-discovery and establish a world view of self-discovery. So even the same environment will raise different children, because each child is unique and their concerns are different, so the growth will be different. This is called the beginning. Why is discovery the end? The essence of education is to develop children's ability of self-examination. Learning is like a journey, the ability to discover throughout the journey. Any detail in the parent's company will be the landing point for children's thinking. 'Discovery' is everywhere!
 Support: Empower companionship, and find that this is Hape. 
With more than 30 years of efforts, Hape's excellent toy creation and family (wisdom play) solutions, from companionship to shaping, from building to interpretation, we are not toy manufacturers, we are a win-win bridge for parents and children!
 Hape always insists on being the best partner of parents and children!
Today, Hape® has become one of the world's largest wooden and bamboo toy brands, which suitable for children under 6 years of age, and each Hape® toy is made of sustainable materials. By fostering and encouraging children’s Learning enthusiasm from infancy to school age, we support children ’s natural play style and provide them with the best and safest play experience, and be able to involve parents. In every toy we design, we use age-appropriate and sustainable materials, which has helped us create a high-quality and trustworthy brand over the past three decades.
Hape®’s toy design, quality and safety of products have the distinction by famous independent toy testing group. Hape Toys is a collaboration of global thinking and ecological responsibility.

 Recognized unanimously by experts and customers worldwide, Hape, along with its products, has been awarded numerous renowned prizes all over the world.
With formal certification of our products’ quality and play value, Hape enjoys huge popularity among customers around the whole world. 

 ToyAward is one of the most significant global toy awards. It consists of five major categories namely: Baby & Infant (0-3 years), PreSchool (3-6 years), SchoolKids (6-10 years), Teenager & Adults (10+ years), and Startup. 
The internationally recognized prize of the Spielwarenmesse® is presented annually by an expert jury. All winners are chosen for their possession of extraordinary features in play fun, originality, safety and workmanship & quality as well as the comprehensibility of the product concept and the prospect of success in the shops.
Hape toys won the laurel of ToyAward in 2017 and 2019..


As one of the most enthusiastic players in the global toy industry, Peter Handstein established his toy empire - Hape Holding AG - in Germany in 1986...

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