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Are Wooden Toys Really Safe?

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Toys are an indispensable companion in the growth process of children. The quality of toys affects every parent's heart. Because of the frequent exposure of toy quality problems, parents have begun to choose products carefully, so more and more parents are willing to buy "Natural and harmless"wooden playhouse, discard inferior plush toys and plastic toys. Wood is indeed a well-known natural material, but if you think wooden baby toys must be safer than plastic toys? Let us look at it in detail below.

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The hazards of "toxic" wooden toys

When choosing toys, many people tend to buy "wood" products with the same function, thinking that natural materials are more at ease. Is it really? We must be careful that cheap wooden toys may be made of cheap wood-plastic panels and plywood. Wood-plastic panels and plywood are usually made of toxic glue and other adhesives, which are most likely to contain toxic substances-formaldehyde. The glossy paint on the surface of toys may also contain lead which is harmful to the human body. Wooden toys of this kind of craft are not only unnatural, but also very unsafe.


On August 14th, American toy company Mattel recalled nearly 19 million Chinese-made toys due to excessive paint lead and the hidden danger of magnets being swallowed by children. At least three children ingested magnets for medical treatment. As a heavy metal toxin, lead is more toxic and has the most serious damage to children's growing and developing brain. The main source of lead here is the paint on the surface of the toys. The baby will inevitably come into contact with the mouth and enter the body when playing, and it can accumulate in the body, seriously endangering the health of children.



How to choose safe wooden toys?

1. The safest material for infants and young children is hardwood, and the most suitable toys for infants and young children on the market are all natural unpainted wooden toys. Remember, toys made of plywood must contain glue, and it is best not to buy them for children who like to stuff their mouths.


2. If you are buying 3d wooden puzzle for your baby online, please be sure to read the safety certificates first. If not, we, as consumers, also have the right to require the company to show evidence that their toys meet and pass the relevant safety tests to achieve safety standard.


3. Wooden block puzzle with too bright colors are not necessarily environmentally friendly paint. It may contain heavy metals, colorants, residual solvents and other harmful substances, and babies like to chew on toys with their mouths, and there is an irreversible risk of chronic poisoning after entering the body.


4. Check the parts and ropes. "Parts are easy to fall off" is currently the first safety hazard in children's wooden toys. The small parts on the toy are easy to fall off and are swallowed by children, especially infants under three years old, which can cause suffocation.


5. Parents should avoid inferior wooden toys from small manufacturers. When you get a new toy, first smell it for a pungent smell. Normally, the smell of wood can be dried in a ventilated place for a few days. Check whether the toy is smooth and free of burrs, and whether there are sharp corners and blunt edges to prevent your baby from being stabbed during play.

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When choosing wooden toys, everyone should consider the trusted suppliers of big brands. As one of the main suppliers of Chinese toys, Hape toy always puts quality and safety in the first place. We are committed to providing high-quality and reliable wooden toy products, please rest assured to buy!

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