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Are Toys Made Of PVC Safe?

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The topic of toys and plastics has always been a controversial one, especially when babies are involved. As a parent, you should always pay attention to the safety of plastic squishy tube toy.


You may see reports or articles questioning the safety of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) toys. Even if there is other evidence that these plastic ring tosses are safe, many parents don't know if they believe it or not.

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What is PVC?


Of all plastics, PVC is one of the most used and researched. Its use has been around for centuries, and our lives are filled with stuff made from PVC.


The lego plant based plastic has been approved for use in the healthcare sector as a medical pipeline. Due to its versatility, it is often used in rigid forms to make profile items such as doors and Windows, robots, sewage pipes, etc. When softened with plasticizers, PVC can be used to insulate pipes, imitation leather, wires and cables. However, there are different opinions when it comes to making pvc pipe toys in this softened way.



Debate on the safety of PVC.


The security debate has raged for decades, with both sides of the divide pulling tight on the ropes. Consumers and activists have been at the forefront of the debate, arguing that PVC is indeed harmful to children and are looking for ways to ban the plastic altogether. Because the main problem is that young children often have the urge to put plastic skittles set in their mouths, then any toxic substances can get into their health systems.



Are PVC toys safe?


Some reports assure that small plastic figures toys are safe and can be used by people of any age, but the answer is not convincing. In addition to the lack of scientific evidence, the scientific body responsible for regulating toys has tested plastic toys and found that their exposure levels are not dangerous.


In addition, studies conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have found that phthalates do exist in volunteers, however, these levels are not high enough to cause any health problems. The only real effect was on the animal subjects, but no adverse effect on humans.


To assuage consumer concerns, government agencies are developing policies that mandate third-party testing of plastic slinky target. Only in this way can parents acknowledge the safety of vinyl toys.



What should be avoided?


Currently, lego abs plastic has not been shown to have any health effects. Nevertheless, certain chemicals have potential effects on young children's health.


1. Lead


The Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled toys that exceed specified lead limits. Lead poisoning is a serious health risk, especially for children. To reduce the risk, Congress passed a law prohibiting the use of lead in mini plastic baby dolls.


2. Bisphenol A


It's a chemical that can cause harmful side effects, such as obesity, cancer cell growth and the risk of early puberty.


Are plastic gear toys made of PVC safe? Yes and no, it's hard to tell, because there are no scientific tests to confirm or deny the health effects of using PVC in toys.

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