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8 Toys That Help Cognitive Development

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Toys are the most intimate game companions in childhood. More toys are not good, but too few is not good. No matter which situation occurs, it may affect the mental development of young children. Therefore, when parents choose toys for their children, they should put the child’s physical and mental development in the first place, so as to choose toys that can really help children grow up healthy.


Children's toys can develop athletic ability, train perception, stimulate imagination, arouse curiosity, and provide material conditions for children's physical and mental development. Childhood is the basic stage of life. It is necessary to choose appropriate toys based on the child's intellectual and physical development.

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Learn Cognitive Skills


Children are naturally curious about the world around them. Cognitive development is the ability to process information, reason, remember, and express emotions. For example, games, costumes, toys, board games, and active games promote this ability.


As the child grows up, there are more tricks to play. Adults can use some image toys, such as small plastic baby dolls, wood building kits, various daily necessities toys, various wooden farm animal sets, etc., through the form of games to allow children to learn language, understand external things, and develop their specific image thinking, memory and observation ability.


8 Toys for Cognitive Development


1. Wooden Rattle


Wooden rattle is a more common toy. It can attract auditory attention, feel stimulation and train grasping skills. Nowadays, rattles are more diverse. When you tap or shake the rattle, the color changes. Children can practice eye tracking under the light, which helps develop neural pathways for reading skills.


2. Antique Plastic Dolls


Adults can use antique plastic dolls, plastic doll cradle and various daily necessities toys to play some life imitation games with children. It is best for parents to choose medium-sized dolls that are suitable for holding, simple in style, and able to wear and undress at will. You can let your children feed the doll, wash your face, coax the doll to sleep, and learn the names of doll clothes and facial features. You can also help the doll choose small beds, small chairs, small bowls and other daily necessities, understand the names and uses of these daily necessities, develop cognitive skills, and increase vocabulary.

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3. Wooden Rocking Animals


Children generally prefer animal toys with realistic images and artistic features, such as wooden rocking animals, sea animal bath toys, and realistic plastic animals. Children can learn the names and characteristics of animals, animal sounds and children's songs about animals, and they can use these toys to do some games. When playing, adults should talk while playing, so that children learn to understand the relationship between things, and teach them to play with adults. After playing, tidy up the toys with the adults, which not only exercises the children's hands-on ability, but also cultivates the children's social adaptability, and develops good habits since childhood.


4. Hape Bead Maze


Pillars of different colors, shapes, sizes and textures are combined together, and children can use their creativity to make bracelets, necklaces, rings, etc. Hape bead maze and wire bead toy provide children with endless exploration and creation.


5. Jungle Game


This is a computer software game designed to improve children's concentration and concentration through functions such as memory, recall, and sorting. This game provides children with interactive roles, and each part of the skills can be effectively mastered.


6. Hape 2-in-1 Kitchen & Grill Set


This is a role-playing cooking toy for children, suitable for children over 3 years old. The six-piece barbecue grill has a series of realistic features that will surely feast your little chef's eyes.


7. Hape Feed-Me Bath Frog


Hape bathtub floating toys help children understand the shape, color and eating habits of frogs. It uses suction cups to attach the frog and its mesh to a smooth surface. It is recommended for children over 12 months of age.


8. Hape Monster Math Scale


This toy is very suitable for learning simple addition and subtraction, which helps to improve children's fine motor skills and calculation ability.

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