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5 Cognitive Toys to Help Children Win at the Starting Line

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In language training, we often teach children to learn to recognize circles, triangles, and squares. I suggest starting from a young age to nurture the baby to be exposed to some intellectual educational toys. In this way, babies can deepen their understanding of concepts such as shapes, colors, and three-dimensional spaces during natural play. Are there any good toys that can be recommended to learn shapes with children at home? Here, Hape toy recommends several wooden toys for your reference. Parents can choose according to the children's current abilities.

several wooden toys



1. Music building blocks

Let's first introduce several types of basic intellectual education toys that can be used at the age of 0 and 1 year. Toys that can be used from 0 years old. For babies who are just born, I recommend the musical building blocks with different shapes that can make sounds. Various shapes are suitable for the baby to grasp, and the baby will make a bell sound every time it shakes. The corners are round and safer. Music building blocks can not only promote the baby's intellectual development, but are also very good toys for early grasping and motor development.



2. Wooden Intelligence Box

This kind of toy will fall off with a bang when the baby is successfully matched, which makes the baby feel very interesting. Initially, I recommend only simpler brain boxes with the most basic shapes such as circles, triangles, and squares. Because the baby's understanding of shape has a certain age development law. There are complex shapes from the beginning, which is very difficult for babies, and it is difficult for children to experience a sense of accomplishment. It is best for the wooden building blocks to be the basic color that the child remembers first, and the color should be correct. The mechanism for taking out the building blocks should not be too difficult, so that the baby can repeatedly take them out and put them in to play.


3. Key Intelligence Box

The baby can complete the action of "twisting" when it is about 1 and a half to 2 years old. This kind of keyed intelligence box can be opened together by parents at the beginning. If the child becomes interested, slowly guide the baby to open the lock by himself. This kind of fun will also make the baby very interested, and exercise hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness. Children around 2 years old will be very interested in this type of toys and want to use the key to open the box. The key intelligence box can not only put the building blocks, but also the baby's favorite toys, so that the baby will be as happy as opening a wooden treasure box

wooden Intelligence Box


4. Mosaic Board

The mosaic board is a simple toy consisting of a board of a certain shape and a mother board of the same shape. It has both shapes and colors, which promotes the baby's intellectual development in many ways. Early recommendations with wooden buttons on them are also very helpful for baby's fine motor development such as pinching fingers.



5. Advanced Color Dowel Board

At the same time, there are more advanced wooden peg trays, which can be arranged not only by color, but also by size. Because of the increase in difficulty, you don’t need to pursue perfection too much at the beginning. When your baby is interested, give your baby a demonstration and slowly teach your baby how to do it. The child's size, color, space, pattern, etc. can be well exercised. At the same time, fine movement and hand-eye coordination have also been developed. So this is a very meaningful toy.


Hope these can help you. If you want to know more about wooden activity cube, plastic food toys, best bath toys for babies, etc., please contact us.

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