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4 Ways to Let Children Learn to Play Independently

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You may have heard more than once that play is the main way for children to learn. Play is the nature of children, but in modern society, the family around a child, so that the child do not know how to play. As a result, the children can’t leave their parents for a moment. Under the unwilling accompany of parents, the children can not enjoy themselves, at the same time, the parents feel tired physically and mentally.

wooden building blocks


So letting children play independently is the right way to take care of children. So what is the ability to play independently? In short, when someone plays with them, they can have a good time, but they can still enjoy themself when no one is with them. For example, when children are playing with wooden baby toys, they will not be frustrated and lose their nature because their parents are not around. On the contrary, they can get along well with the toys. If parents can cultivate your children's ability and habit of playing independently from childhood, then children will take another important step on the road of true independence, that is because learning to be independent is one of the important skills that people should master in childhood.



1. Choose the Best Time for Children to Play Independently

Independent play also depends on the child's mood and state at that time. Generally, after lunch, or after a comfortable warm bath, the mood of children will be more pleasant, so it is easier to enter the state of self entertainment. On the contrary, when children are hungry, sleepy or sick, they need more care from adults and do not want to play by themselves.



2. Let Your Child Know You Are with Him Regularly

Some children are in the stage of separation anxiety. If their mother is not around, they will easily feel anxious, let alone enjoy the pleasure of playing. Regularly let the child know that you are by his side, let the child in your sight, is also to ensure his safety. In general, when children play on the ground, parents can quietly stay by your children's side, or sit on the sofa not far away to read books to spend a good afternoon together.



3. When Playing with Your Child, Let the Child Take the Lead

When parents accompany your children to play together, no matter whether the playing method is correct or not, let the children choose what to play and how to play. For example, make some strange shapes out of wooden building blocks, or play family games with wooden animal toys. This is the beat way for children to explore the new world that parents should step back and put your expectations aside, let the children in their own way to activities.

small plastic car



4. Toys Should be Fresh to Improve Creativity

If parents want your children to learn to enjoy the fun of their own space, then in the early stage, parents should be creative in choosing toys for your children which should be in line with your children's interests. Children's interest in early childhood is basically driven by their own growth and development. When they start to climb around 8 months old, they will prefer the personalised wooden train or the small plastic car that can chase and play and move themselves. When they start walking at the age of 1, they will like to be able to pull the car and play with wooden walking toys and so on. When they are older, the children begin to talk. They may like the children’s wood playhouse or the wooden kitchen set, etc.



Learning to play independently is good for children. Our company has many toys suitable for children to play independently, such as wooden educational toys and wooden musical toys and so on. If you are interested, you can visit our website for more knowledge. 

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